Google just released a Safari plug-in that makes your Google Docs available offline — when you don’t have an Internet connection. The setup process is effortless, here’s a quick-start guide:

Using Safari, go to the Google Gears web site and install. After installation, you’ll notice some new menu items on the site:

Picture 1.png

Click the “Offline” link and you’ll see this pop-up:

Picture 2.png

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It seems like everyday something new is added to one of Google’s services. Since I use Google Maps daily, it’s there where I’ve been noticing some really cool additions:

– Less than two year ago, Google Maps added the ability to monitor Live Traffic conditions.

Picture 14.png

About six months ago, construction sites and traffic accidents were added.

Picture 13.png

– A few month ago, they added “estimated traffic at a specific time/day.”

Picture 16.png

Now, you can type in the phone number of a person or business you want to Google Map search! Not every person is in there, but just about every business I tried, including mine, is there.

Try it for yourself: Google Map Search of 818-358-8541 (my business)

Picture 18.png

In Safari, when you create a new bookmark by pressing Command+D or by clicking the “+” icon in the toolbar you see this pop-up window:

Picture 2.png

As a highly organized bookmarker, not having the option to make a new bookmark folder from this pop-up is a big pain. As you can see, I’m bookmarking a motorcycle helmet, but don’t have a folder for “Helmets.”

BTW… a sub-hint here is that you can click the folder list (“Computers” in the above image) and start typing the first letters of the folder you want to appear instead of finding it manually in the list.

However, the problem this hint fixes is when you don’t already have a folder. The hint is that at this pop-up window, you can press Command+Shift+N – this will automatically open a new “Organize Bookmarks” window and create a new bookmark folder, ready to be named:

Picture 4.png

Just put the folder where you want, go back to the original bookmark pop-up menu, and select the new folder you just created.

Picture 5.png