If you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone (which, btw, is now possible with firmware 2.2) you can easily control it from your Mac (or PC). Check it out:

Picture 4.jpg

What does this mean? How do you do it?

Being able to control your iPhone using VNC means:
– Full keyboard support on your iPhone – type fast, save drafts, save notes, copy-paste from computer to iPhone
– Access iPhone from any computer in any room on your local network
– Be as lazy as possible; avoid reaching or moving to check text messages
– Remote control iPhone’s iPod when connected to your home stereo
– I suppose you could port forward and access your phone from anywhere, but then, why wouldn’t you be with your phone?

Installation is a breeze; open Cydia, search for and install Veency (thanks to author Jay “Saurik” Freeman), restart springboard.

Go into Settings, Wifi, click the blue arrow next to your network (Picture 5.jpg), note your IP address.

To connect to your iPhone you’ll need a VNC client like Chicken of the VNC (free) — Mac’s Screen Sharing app doesn’t work for some reason.

In CVNC, setup a Connection Profile for your iPhone – make sure to map the middle and right click, also set Color to “thousands.”

Connect to your iPhone’s IP address using the Connection Profile you just created (go to File: Open, instead of File: New to use a Connection Profile).

Once connected, you click and drag just like using your finger (which is represented by a small cursor). Left click for clicking, middle click to lock screen (you can even drag-to-unlock), right click for home button.

You can set middle button in Chicken of the VNC, I use a double click of the command key. You can even “flick” the screen up and down if you time your click-drag-unclick properly and double click the home button on the lock screen for your iPod control (or whatever you have double-click set to in Settings).

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14 thoughts on “Control Your iPhone From Your Mac (ATTACH KEYBOARD TO IPHONE!)

  1. Nice. Have you tried to access the phone via edge or 3G? Via wifi is great but doesn’t seem that useful as it implies you are close to the phone. Via edge and 3G opens a whole new world of possibilities..

  2. Connection is great, but can’t get home key emulation to work. The post mentions “double click of the command key.” The closest thing I can find to this in CVNC is “Multi-Tap” Modifier Key “Command” Number of Taps “2”. This doesn’t seem to have any effect. Without the home key there’s no way to navigate the iPhone remotely.

  3. OK. So the answer is “Control/Click” is the equivalent of hitting the Home key. Since I’m already using USB Overdrive to program my mouse keys by application, I turned off emulation completely in CVNC. Then I added CVNC to my applications list in USB Overdrive. I set the center (wheel) mouse click to be a single “Control/Click” and set the right mouse click to be a double “Control/Click” — the same thing as double-clicking the Home button. This allows you to access whatever shortcut you have set up for the Home button in Settings/General on the iPhone. I still haven’t figured out how activate “lock screen”, which is also mentioned in the post.

  4. Option = Lock Screen

    BTW, “Multi-Tap” Modifier Key “Command” Number of Taps “2″ does work, just tap command twice. Then I have “Multi-Tap” Modifier Key “Option” Number of Taps “2″ for lock screen, tap Option twice to lock.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Does anyone know how to port forward the phone so you can use it from any computer even if you’ve left the phone at home?

    Also my screen keeps timing out. The phone thinks I’m not using it. Is there a way to keep it alive while using it other than changing the actual timer in the iPhone settings? If I did that and it was for too long, even after I was finished with it, the phone would stay on and the battery would drain!

  6. Very nice, but for those of us who are not hackers and don’t want to jailbreak – when will Apple make this kind of capability possible through the front door? Seems like an absolute killer app to me, especially when the need for a desktop PC/Mac can be dispensed with entirely. I’m imagining a simple wireless connection to a keyboard and monitor.

    • You dont have to be a hacker or afraid of jailbreaking. If you have ever installed a new application and can read you can do it. Its easy and takes 5 minutes go to http://blog.iphone-dev.org/ for all the latest software for free from the community of friendly and dedicated hackers who make this possible for you. You can find really great tutorials at http://www.iclarified.com that will walk you through every step. A caveman can do this. And bad news, APPLE WILL NEVER LET YOU DO THIS! Again I say, this is why we jailbreak, Apple has great products with ridiculous restrictions. Stop drinking the company apple cider and step out believing you should have total control over the handset you shelled out several hundred dollars for. It truly is a palmtop computer, AFTER you jailbreak. Right now its an inmate in a small prison recreation yard. Believe in yourself because you CAN do it. Would you allow such ridiculous limitation of you home PC/MAC? Say you could ONLY buy software from apple, thats an antitrust issue, it’s monopolizing the market like Microsoft in the 90’s. Once you jailbreak, you whole outlook on technology and you own tech savvy will change. I took the leap of faith and have been thoroughly rewarded for it. I even turned it into a business. email me if you have questions! iclearsolutions@yahoo.com

  7. apple is acting like some boy, who lends someone his favorite toy, but does not allow him to play with it… bluetooth – but no way to connect or sync via it. no possibility to use the iphone as a simple flash drive to quickly swap files around. no way to transfer music or videos other than itunes. stop being childish and open it up. it is just some device (which will be outdated soon anyway).

    cya laters, alligators

  8. thank you this is perfect
    no need to get an air play now
    i use a lap top only and have multiple portable docks for iphone and now dont have to get up any longer
    speaker systems include remotes but you cannot see the phone from a distance
    this fixes all that ‘thanks again


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