Update: I think the new firmware from pwnage was also causing problems… now i’m restoring again and going back to the ziphone jailbreak, which was very stable before customize 2 (below).

A word of caution to anyone else out there with the hacked iPhone:

Don’t disable SMBprefs from within Customize 2.0b9 (the newest version right now); it will cause your iPhone to boot to the Apple logo and vibrate.

This has happened to at least a few other people from what I’ve been reading on various forums around the net. I could still afp into my iPhone and ssh in, but couldn’t fix whatever the problem was.

Of course, it’s always possible to get back to the default iPhone software, so now I’ve re-jailbroken using the new Pwnage method, which is pretty cool. I’ve re-installed Customize 2 (without ever installing SMB) and it seems to be working fine. The new themes and interface are AWESOME!

Here’s my new theme, although it’s bound to change in a day or so:


BTW… I recommend updating Installer.app if you haven’t already, they’ve finally added the ability to search for applications, which is crucial now that there are probably over 1000.

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