When using Screen Sharing or Remote Desktop to control another Mac on my local network, my biggest complain has always been the inability to use several important keyboard shortcuts. Things I frequently rely on, like toggling dock visibility, opening spotlight, and force-quitting applications, don’t work. Although all those functions can be accessed through other means, Application Switcher (which I use practically every minute) can only be accessed with Command+Tab.

The secret to getting full keyboard support is by running Teleport in conjunction with Screen Sharing. Teleport gives you the ability to use one keyboard and mouse to control other computers on your network.

With Teleport installed and setup, open Screen Sharing and connect to another computer on your network. Now move your mouse to the appropriate side of your display (while holding the appropriate modifier key) and “teleport” to the “screen shared” computer.

You now have full keyboard support; including use of your Function keys (for things like Expose, Dashboard, and ejecting), Command+Tab, and even Zooming (Control+2-finger-scrolling-on-trackpad)!

Watch this video for the full story:

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2 thoughts on “Get Full Keyboard Support (Shortcuts, App Switcher) in Screen Sharing

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  2. I have the opposite problem when using screen sharing, keyboard shortcuts I want to go to my local machine are processed by the remote system. In particular, I set up a keyboard shortcut (command L) for Send Clipboard on the screen sharing Edit menu because I’m constantly using this. Unfortunately this key combination is processed by an application running on the remote system. If I have used command TAB to switch from the local system (where I just copied text) to the remote system but have not yet clicked in the screen sharing window the focus should be on screen sharing application (NOT an application running on the remote system) and that is where my keystrokes should be sent. This is a bug. Notice how Apple left the keyboard shortcut for quit (command Q) off the screen sharing menu so the bug is not so obvious!


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