Not too long ago I read this tip on It talks about using a 3.5″ floppy disk to remove a stuck CD from a slot-loading optical drive. Since I couldn’t find a 3.5″ floppy, I got an idea after reading ericdsa’s comment.

Instead of a CD or DVD as ericdsa suggested, I used two credit cards (well, the same size, shape, and material as credit cards); one wedged below the stuck cd or dvd, one wedged above the stuck cd, applied tension, and voila!

11 thoughts on “Video: How To Remove Stuck CD From iMac / Slot Loading Optical Drive

  1. Looks like a good method, but my stuck CD would retract as soon as it hit something in its ejection path.

    Have an old MacBook Pro which had a cheap music CD with a paper label that would not slide out far enough to escape the intake sensor (or whatever it is called). When we tried to eject the disk, the disk would obviously hit something on the way out and then immediately get drawn back into the drive. Figured the CD probably warped as it warmed up in use, but I didn’t have time to wait for the computer to cool off. Put the MBP to sleep and stuck it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes and then hit the eject key. The CD popped right out!

  2. Thanks! Made mistake of setting CD as startup disk in system prefs bc it wouldn’t restart with CD using hold the C method. Then it wouldn’t start up using the Mac HD and it wouldn’t eject the CD! Your method worked not by ejecting the CD but by preventing it from reading the CD, then it went to the MacHD system as a secondary, and I was to change the system prefs startup disk back! Thanks so much!

  3. A friend tried the card technique but it didn’t work, cards kept sliding off the disc.

    I made the following suggestions;

    Make sure the machine is turned off so that the drive hub is not engaged, put double sided thin film tape on the ends of the cards that will come in contact with the disc so that the cards stick to the disc, retry and glory be it popped right out with no damage to drive or disc. Thanks for the vid it was very helpful.


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