Several times a day on my Plex Mini I was opening the same two Finder windows (the “new downloads” folder and the “tv shows” folder) to make sure stuff in “new downloads” was being automatically transferred (using Episode Linker) to my “tv shows” folder.

Well, instead of manually opening the two Finder windows, resizing the windows, and navigating to the correct folders, I made an Applescript (with help from various other applescript sites/posts around the web) that does it automatically… Continue reading

I’m all about efficiency — especially when it comes to downloading my torrents. I’ve been gradually getting more and more annoyed that every time I download a .torrent file, I have to double click it (in the Downloads window) to have it open in Transmission.

Solution: Download this zip file which contains a revised version of This is the file that tells Safari what files are safe to open after downloading – it’s been revised to include .torrent files as “safe.”

After unzipping, just move the file to YourUserName/Library/Preferences; replace the file if it already exists.

Happy Downloading!

P.S. Thanks to Manuel Studer for this tip!

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Although I (kinda) like Spotlight for searching my internal drive, I almost never want Spotlight indexing external drives I connect to my computer. Since I often work with bad and dying hard drives, the last thing I want my computer to do upon seeing a new drive is to index the whole thing.

Luckily, there is a simple solution that is quicker, easier, and more reliable than adding the volume to Spotlight’s privacy list.

CloneEject by Tracy Valleau.

Download here.

After dragging the CloneEject application into your Applications folder, drag it down into your dock. Next time you mount a volume or hard drive you don’t want Spotlight to index, simply drag the volume’s icon on CloneEject’s dock icon.

This simple app works by creating a file on the specified volume called “.metadata_never_index” which tells Spotlight, “never_index!” Then it ejects the drive so it can be remounted, because Spotlight will only check for “.metadata_never_index” when the drive is first mounted.

Many thanks to Tracy Valleau for this app, it’s invaluable to me!

Picture 2.jpgWith the recent $5 increase in the price of 1Password, many people are wondering if it’s worth the cost. To help you decide, consider the following features 1Password provides that you don’t get with Safari, Firefox, Opera, or any other browser:

Fill/save multiple identities – Good for forum/online store/blog registrations; keep fake/real identities and different e-mail addresses

Save credit card information – Including multiple credit card numbers, checking accounts, payment methods, and shipping addresses

iPhone/Palm password syncing (and a slick autofill feature for the iPhone, not sure about Palm)

Create auto-login bookmarks and aliases (read corewerkz article)

View password histories – See all usernames/passwords you’ve ever saved – Good for forgotten/mistyped passwords

Decide on a per-webpage-basis when to autosave and autofill user’s information

Multiple user accounts per website – Good, for example, if you have multiple G-Mail accounts

Online syncing with “my1password” servers – Access your passwords from any web browser anywhere

Export usernames/passwords – As a web page or text file; easily print all passwords for hardcopy backup

Anti-Phishing protection – Using the OpenDNS PhishTank anti-phishing service

All password information and identities available within all web browsers – Crucial if you use multiple web browsers

Better, more sophisticated, form filling and password saving – For example, Safari won’t store password information on certain sites (like some online banking websites)

Import password data from other web browsers (and keychain) into 1password – Create a master list of all your saved passwords

Easily create super-strong password from within web browser – Using 1Password’s “Strong Password Generator” which now includes the ability to generate pronounceable and hash-based passwords

User adjustable “lock after X minutes of inactivity” – Or choose to keep unlocked after first 1Password login

Picture 2.jpgI’ve just recently learned about Mozy, a $5/month unlimited off-site backup solution. Yesterday I purchased, downloaded, installed, and began backing up — all in about 5 minutes.

Although I have more than 1TB of data, and it will probably take more than 2 months to completely upload everything, I think this is a great backup solution. It’s really meant more for certain important files or folder, rather than EVERYTHING (what I’m doing), just like any other online (read: slow) backup solution.

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