Since I just bought Cyntact for my iPhone, I’ve been moving my photos from iPhoto’s “Faces” into Address Book. Unfortunately, there is no easy (free) way to do this automatically, but I did stumble upon a neat trick when adding pictures to your Address Book contacts:

Option clicking the picture allow you to rotate it!

Picture 7.jpg

It’s these little hidden niceties that make me love Macs!
Oh, and option+shift will snap to the hash marks along the circle 🙂

Did you know that your MacBook display is more than just a display? It’s also a paper organizer, key holder, paper clip holder, business card holder; the possibilities are endless (okay, not really, but you can be magnetically creative).

magnetic macbook.jpg

My MacBook display being used to hold business cards, keys, a lighter, and a receipt, along with a paper clip holding a bag of screws.

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Picture 13.jpg

There a new free service in town from the gang that brought us Spoofcard, it’s called Trapcall.

Trapcall comes in three flavors; Fly Trap (two features), Mouse Trap (more features), Bear Trap (all eight features). The most basic plan, Fly Trap, unblocks restricted phone numbers and provides a blacklist for unwanted callers — for free.

For $10-$25/month, you can add on more services like “Voicemail transcription” by a live operator and caller ID name and billing address retrieval. Click here to see all the plans and features available.

The setup/sign-up process takes only 3-4 minutes. To setup on your iPhone you just enter a series of keypad clicks into your phone and press “Call” — it’s super easy.

To use it: reject an incoming blocked call, wait 1-2 seconds while the call is routed through Trapcall and back to your cell, phone will re-ring with caller ID.

Just about every time I open Finder on my Mini, I end up navigating to the same folder on my external “Video” drive. It’s the folder with all my newest Torrent downloads from uTorrent.

Today I realized that there has got to be a more efficient way — a way to have Finder automatically open new windows to my new downloads folder, instead of having to navigate there manually dozens of times everyday. Sure enough, there is — and the solution is only a few click away.

Open Finder. Click “Finder” (top left of your display). Click “Preferences” – Under the “General” tab, change “New Finder windows open:” to any folder you like. Easy.

Picture 2.png Picture 3.png