I have been using Quicksilver (free) as my app launcher for the past few years. I’ve been highly accustomed to it’s abilities and shortcuts, but have grown sick of it’s little bug: pasteboard pops up at random times (for the past year!).

Searching around, I needed to find an app launcher that did what Quicksilver could do, without the crashing. Mainly: an app launcher and pasteboard (something that retains your clipboard history). I also use the Address Book plugin of Quicksilver (to view an Address Book contact without opening Address Book) and use it for quickly searching the web.

Enter Alfred. This is a beautiful application launcher. It’s being updated constantly, adding new feature and refining old ones. The basic feature set of Alfred is free, but the “PowerPack” which adds things like a pasteboard and e-mail/itunes integration. It’s $20, a bit pricey, but I decided to support the company and it’s idea of a regularly updated Mac app launcher.

Screen shot 2010-11-15 at 12.03.30 PM.jpg

So far, everything has been working amazingly, with very little preference tweaking. Some cool feature: mini-itunes pop-up window, file system browsing, easy web searches (i.e. amazon, ebay, google, etc), a nice looking pasteboard. It’s fast to search and hasn’t crashed yet (except on my other computer that had Spotlight disabled, worked after enabled).

Also, the company has great support. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t view Address Book contact info from Alfred so I twitted “Alfredapp” and got a response in a minute saying it’s in the works.

Overall, I’m very happy with Alfred and highly recommend it to anyone looking to be more efficient on their Mac.

Picture 3.pngIf you’re like me, you organize your Mac Mail into folders (aka Mailboxes). I like to keep my Inbox as close to empty as possible — that means, when I get new messages I move them out of the Inbox and to their appropriate folder immediately.

Since I have 5 IMAP e-mail accounts all with their own folder structures AND Mail folders stored locally on my computer, it can sometimes take a while to navigate to the folder I need. Once I find the correct folder, I have to physically click-and-drag the message from the Inbox to the appropriate organized folder. Although it’s not really all that bad — there’s a much better way…

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Fresh Apps is a brief summary of the most interesting applications I’ve recently discovered

Mac Applications

Jott (free)
Call 866-JOTT-123, speak a message to yourself or friend; message is converted into text and e-mailed, texted, set as a reminder with alarm, or added to a list, and updated on your Jott site including original audio — WOW!

Stumbi (shareware: $2)
Finally a StumbleUpon plug-in for Safari; rate pages, add new sites to StumbleUpon, and of course, Stumble!

Yasu (donationware)
“Yet Another System Utility” with just one screen containing the most crucial maintenance commands

Switch (free)
A free audio format converter; supports a bunch of file types

ScreenFlow (shareware; exported movie is watermarked: $100)
The best Mac screen recorder ever; includes editor with amazing features, at a price

iPhone Applications

IntelliScreen (free/beta)
Fill your “slide to unlock” screen with great info including latest news (choose any rss feed), new mail, sms, ical events, weather, and sports — super useful application — really smart and well thought out!!

PhoneZap (free)
Create ringtones from any mp3 on your phone; choose start time and duration (up to 30 sec), automatically added to ringtones list after creation

Spoofapp (free app, 5 free minutes, $10 for 60 minutes)
Change the number your calling from (on the recipient’s caller ID), disguise voice as male or female (both kinda sound like computers), record phone calls

TimeCapsule (shareware, one backup per app before buying)
Backup the data on many iphone applications; Address Book (which saved one of my clients who lost their Address Book on Mac), notes, preferences, sms, springboard preferences, weather, and many more

• RagingThunder (free)
Awesome car racing game; control car by moving iPhone; takes a while to get good, but really cool use of the accelerometer

Band (free/beta)
Music creation tool including dozens of sound sets; was cool but just froze my iphone while writing this

Fresh Apps is a brief summary of the interesting applications I’ve discovered over the past week.

Mac Applications

BootXChanger :: Freeware
Change your Mac’s boot image from the Apple logo to your own custom graphic

SoundConverter :: Shareware ($14 to remove 500kb file size restriction)
A great bulk sound file converter with support for dozens of formats — the only other app like this I know is Barbabatch for $400

NewsFire :: Freeware
After about a year of frustration using RSSMenu, I finally made the move to the RSS reader I hear about most — NewsFire — and I love it. Beautiful interface, intuitive shortcut keys, super easy setup and tweaking

iPhone Applications

iPhoneVideoRecorder :: Shareware ($20 to remove 30 sec recording limit)
Records an unlimited length including audio (plus, you can adjust input level), records to super small mpeg4 format (1 hour = 60MB!), 15 FPS, different video sizes & audio recording settings to choose from, and send your movies via e-mail to anyone! Read my full review

• Flashlight :: Free (on installer.app)
A flashlight. Drag finger across screen to adjust brightness, double click to exit – simple & effective

• iLevel :: Free (on installer.app)
I needed a level when working on my motorcycle yesterday, it was quicker to download this than run up to my apartment — this thing is great, but I think there is a better one I used to have, anyone know the name?

iFob :: Free (on installer.app)
Meet other iFob users near your current location, chat, read profiles, meet new people – I’ve yet to run into anyone else using it (it seems people must be within a few feet of you to show up), but I’ll keep trying

TuneWiki :: Free (on installer.app)
Downloads and displays lyrics to songs in real time (think: karaoke); includes shuffle mode and nice layout (with cover art and permanent track progress bar and playback buttons) similar to the iPod application; would be nice if you could view lyrics of currently playing iPod song – instead of having to play in TuneWiki

iPac3D :: Free (on installer.app)
A 3D version of PacMac mixed with Doom bad guys; still beta and pretty basic; coolest part is using the accelerometer (by physically rotating and moving around your iphone) to move back, forward, left, and right – can’t wait for a racing car game that uses the accelerometer for steering!!

Fresh Apps is a brief summary of the interesting applications I’ve discovered over the past week.

Mac Applications

Simplify Media :: Free
Share your iTunes library with up to 30 friends from anywhere in the world — connect to your friend’s iTunes libraries from within iTunes; works on Mac, PC, and iPhone!

Wallsaver :: Freeware
Set your screen saver as your desktop background; super easy to install/uninstall

Subliminal Message Pro :: Shareware ($10)
Flash custom messages on your screen with very short durations (i.e. 15ms); I keep it running at all times to help facilitate the “Law of Attraction”

TimeMachineEditor :: Freeware
Tell TimeMachine exactly when to run (i.e. once a week, every Friday, at midnight).

Chax :: Freeware
iChat plug-in includes many cool little features; my favorite: one buddy list for ALL contacts (.Mac + AIM + Jabber + etc)

iPhone Applications

Simplify Media :: Free
Connect to up to 30 friend’s iTunes libraries; includes the ability to shuffle; a little buggy, a little slow, only works with wifi connection, and completely awesome!

Twinkle :: Free (on installer.app)
Currently the best iPhone twitter app; geo-location stamping, take/attach pictures, see tweets near you (can’t even do that on twitter’s site!)

iBlacklist :: Shareware (on installer.app)
Block specified phone numbers from calling or texting; limit of 3 blocked numbers before purchasing; very clean interface

Showtime :: Donationware (on installer.app)
Record 5 seconds of video (unlimited length with $10 donation); still no audio yet but hopefully coming soon