Just curious if anyone else reading this has experienced extreme slowness with the OpenDNS servers for about the past 2-3 days. I finally just switched all DNS entries back to my ISP and everything is working much faster. A big disappointment to me, especially after posting an article about how OpenDNS will SPEED UP YOUR INTERNET! Boo OpenDNS! I’ll try again in a few weeks.


The Problem:

Computer is up and running with usb drive(s) mounted and working fine. After restart or sleep, CERTAIN drives aren’t visible – they don’t show up on desktop, in disk utility, in system profiler, or in disk utility started from os x install disk.

• in 10.5: both sleep & restart cause problem to occur

• in 10.4: sleep causes problem to occur, but restart doesn’t cause any problem. when using a drive that exhibited the “problem” in 10.5; putting computer to sleep and waking on 10.4 causes drive to improperly eject, prompting “device removal” screen upon wake; drive disappears and can’t re-mount until power toggled.

The Quick Fix:

• Toggle hard drive power (turn hard drive off and on)

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