Sorry there haven’t been any updates lately folks. In case you were wondering what I’ve been up to, all my time has been dedicated to 300 Dollar Data Recovery out here in Los Angeles. I actually don’t really fix Macs at all anymore (I have a Mac guy working for me now who handles all the repairs). Maybe I should turn this into a 300 Dollar Data Recovery blog, any thoughts? Would probably need a new name at least 🙂

Anyhow, check out my new 300 Dollar Data Recovery website — the most informative read is the data recovery myths section, it’s packed with useful information.

300 Dollar Data Recovery

I remember having a similar problem when Leopard came out… trying to print a label from would look like it’s working but the print dialog box would never appear.

There soon came a workaround, clicking the bottom left corner of the screen (a hidden button, basically) would allow the label to be opened in Preview.

With 10.6, this no longer seems to work. And, I couldn’t find any workaround using Safari or Firefox, it seems neither work correctly (probably because of usps’s javascript).

The solution is to use the web browser Opera. I’ve never needed or used Opera before because Safari or Firefox worked for every website. But now with 10.6, I’ll be keeping Opera around in case a situation like this happens again.

You can download the latest version of Opera 10 here.


Just wanna give a shout out to Hawk Wings, a website I just discovered today. This page is just filled with tons of free and cheap apps and scripts (or “plug-ins” as they call them) for the most commonly used Mac apps. I highly recommend checking it out to see what cool things your missing… for example, there’s DockStar, which allows you to “assign a separate notification badge to different mailboxes.”


It seems like everyday something new is added to one of Google’s services. Since I use Google Maps daily, it’s there where I’ve been noticing some really cool additions:

– Less than two year ago, Google Maps added the ability to monitor Live Traffic conditions.

Picture 14.png

About six months ago, construction sites and traffic accidents were added.

Picture 13.png

– A few month ago, they added “estimated traffic at a specific time/day.”

Picture 16.png

Now, you can type in the phone number of a person or business you want to Google Map search! Not every person is in there, but just about every business I tried, including mine, is there.

Try it for yourself: Google Map Search of 818-358-8541 (my business)

Picture 18.png