Create Keyboard Shortcuts for Safari Bookmarks

For instant access to any bookmark in Safari (and probably Firefox) you can set up a keyboard shortcut to automatically open the bookmarked website.

Here’s how:

1) Go to Safari and note the exact title for the bookmark(s) you want to quickly access. In my case, it’s “wells”, “amex”, and “ing” – my banking sites.

Picture 2.jpg

2) Go to Apple Menu (top left of screen), System Preferences, Keyboard & Mouse, and click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.

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Automatically Resume File Transfers After Closing LCD Display

I think this may be a new Leopard (10.5) feature, but perhaps I just never noticed it: if you close your LCD display (sleep your computer) during a file transfer, the transfer will resume after the machine is woken up.

For example, say you’re transferring a 5GB file from your Macbook to your Mac Pro on the same network. Halfway through the file transfer, you accidently shut your LCD display and the computer goes to sleep.

Do you have to start the transfer over? No! Open the LCD display and wake up your computer — it will automatically rejoin your network and immediately resume the file transfer from where it was stopped!

The only caveat here is if your computer can’t rejoin your network. If, after shutting your display, you move to another network or loose your WiFi signal, the transfer will give up and produce an error about 10 seconds after waking up.

Winclone Makes Cloning a Boot Camp Partition Super Easy and Free!

Picture 1.jpg

I never had the need to clone a Boot Camp partition — until yesterday (when I did a hard drive replacement and clone). There were several suggestions for cloning the Boot Camp partition around the interwebs, talking about complicated (well, time consuming) techniques using XP programs, re-creating disk images via boot camp, and re-installing XP and manually dragging/dropping files back. Uhg!

Twocanoes decided to make this super simple, offering a terrific free (donationware) application called Winclone. Very minimal interface with just one purpose, cloning Boot Camp; both NTFS and FAT partitions.
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Surveillancesaver : Live World-Wide Surveillance Cameras – Video Feed Screen Saver

The name isn’t too thrilling, it’s slow to load, sometimes it only shows a black screen; but Surveillancesaver is now my second favorite screen saver (behind RandomWeb).

Watch more than 400 (don’t quote me) surveillance camera video feeds from around the world – updated in real-time. This is simply a Quartz Composer file (like the RSS feeds screen saver) that you install by dragging to Library: Screen Savers. There are NO options, NO preferences, NO tweaking (besides within Quartz Composer).

It takes a while to get up and running, especially the first time you try. But when it’s been active for a while it really starts moving, switching cameras about every 15-30 seconds. The time between cameras seems to vary, perhaps depending on the speed of the video feeds and availability of cameras.


More screen shots from Surveillancesaver on next page…

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10.5 Hint: Drag a Mail Message “Link” into iCal’s Month View

Picture 21.jpg

You can drag-and-drop an e-mail message from Mail into iCal, but only in iCal’s Month view! I wish I would have tried this sooner, but I never use month view.

Drag-and-dropping into Month view creates an event with the Mail message link/alias that, with one click, opens my e-mail message in Mail. Perfect for setting a reminder to read an e-mail at a specific day/time.

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OS X 10.5 Server : Standard Installation = Walk Through / Tutorial

Apple claims 10.5 server is easy enough for anyone to setup; “no IT department needed,” they say. Well, anyone can tell you, it’s not that easy!

os x 10_5 server small.jpg

So, to help server newbies setup OS X 10.5 Server, I’ve made a basic installation procedure for newbies (that is: server newbies). Right now it’s not exactly “detailed” – just the basic steps to ensure success (although there are quite a few and you’ve got to have a basic understanding of os x and networking).

This setup procedure has worked well for me (especially at my home). It’s for a Standard Installation and we’ll be setting up the server to include Mail (local only), iChat, VPN, File Sharing, iCal, Web Server/Wiki, Apple Remote Desktop access, and Time Machine (which may not work well).

If you are a server expert, please let me know if I’m missing something that will help ensure this setup works as perfectly as possible on any system.

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