How can I Recover Data from a Failed Raid?

8-drive raid data recovery


Do you belong to the majority of pc users who refuse to back up their files because they think that data loss will never happen to them? Do you believe that your Raid (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is invincible and will never break down? If you are, you better start setting up your backup now. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And if it’s already too late and your files have already been lost, here are a few things you can do to try and get them back.


Look for Data Recovery Software

The first thing that comes to mind of the average pc user when he encounters a problem with his machine is to try to fix the problem on his own whether through troubleshooting or asking in relevant forums. When it comes to raid data loss, the internet is once again your friend. There are numerous free and paid software applications in the World Wide Web that can help you with your problem. Just remember to do a little research about a product before downloading and installing it on your computer. Make sure it is free from spyware, adware, and viruses. Just keep in mind that free software can only get you so far. Recovery is usually limited to accidentally deleted files. There are, however, some paid software that can perform recovery even if your operating system is corrupted.


Look for a Data Recovery Professional

Downloadable applications and programs can only restore files if the cause of the problem is software corruption. Unfortunately, there are times when data becomes inaccessible due to hardware damage. If your raid looks like it is not getting turned on when you power up your pc, chances are high that it needs to be looked at by a technician. It is vital that you do not tamper with your raid or else you will just make matters a lot worse.

A raid is very sensitive. It should be opened only when inside a “clean room”. A clean room is a closed space with a controlled environment that prevents dust and other impurities from entering. The said room is necessary when opening up a raid because just one particle of dust can cause severe damage to an exposed raid.


Ready Your Wallet

Raid Data Recovery can cost thousands of dollars so you better be prepared. Fortunately, there is a cheaper alternative. $300 Data Recovery charges only a fixed rate of $300 for all its services.


Intel 320 Series Data Recovery by $300 Data Recovery


Intel 320 Series Data Recovery

Intel 320 Series

The Intel 320 SSD series was launched back in March of 2011. 320 is the third generation of the company’s mainstream SSDs said to be superior in every way to its predecessors. SSDs of the 320 series use 24nm flash memory chips that enable blazing fast data processing. Merely a few weeks later, however, it has been revealed that the said memory chips are a lot more susceptible to errors. And after experiencing a power failure, the memory chips may cause the SSD to acquire the “BAD_CTX” firmware bug. The bug happens when the SSD keeps on trying to reconnect with the SATA port instead of performing a proper shutdown. And the result, all data on the drive becomes inaccessible and its capacity becomes only 8 MB.

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Firmware Fixes from Intel

After reports of the bug populated various message boards and online forums, Intel released numerous firmware updates each time claiming that the update will prevent “BAD_CTX” from occurring. Unfortunately, these claims were not correct. As of today, more than three years later, the 8MB bug is still very real. Intel though, did manage to release firmware updates that enabled users to make SSDs that acquired the bug usable again. Intel was able to provide several ways of restoring a drive; however, it was not able to give any means of retrieving the lost data or files. It was then that file restoration companies engaged on a race on who can be the first to provide Intel 320 Series Data Recovery services.

The Race to Beat the BAD_CTX Bug

No company was able to perform successful Intel 320 Series Data Recovery back in 2011 but come January 2012, a handful of companies managed to make a breakthrough. Brian Cometa and the other data recovery technicians of “$300 Data Recovery” who have been providing low-cost file retrieval services since 2007, have managed to breakdown and understand the specifics of how the 8MB bug occurs and they have also managed to formulate ways on how to both fix the SSDs while also retrieving the data. The company managed to develop a recovery algorithm that can work on all SSDs in the Intel 320 series. And what’s more, consumers can avail of its services for the fixed rate of $300 without the need for any upfront payment.

Full Disclosure $300 Data Recovery’s Raid Data Recovery

full-disclosure at 300 dollar data recovery

Hiring an expert is often the last option when dealing with a problem you can’t solve. It is also the same with the restoration of lost files. However, getting the services of a data recovery company can be quite risky due mainly to the following:

• Risk of leakage of personal information
• Upfront payment before your hard drive is checked
• The files recovered might be the unimportant ones

Avoid hiring an individual who claims to be a file recovery expert even if he does not even have his own office or whose business is not even duly registered. Though some of these individuals can be quite skilled, they might end up making a copy of your files without your knowledge. If worse comes to worst, you might even get blackmailed. Visit only establishments that have already been in operation for at least a few years and have already established a good reputation.


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No Upfront Payment Required


Most data retrieval service providers require an upfront payment. You can consider this as a non-refundable deposit that is needed so they will check your hard drive for errors and possible fixes. The problem with this is when file restoration is no longer possible; you would have paid for nothing. Making things worse is the fact that the advanced payment is usually around $100.

Another issue is the fact that you usually get a list of the status of the files after they have already been recovered so you are kept in the dark about which files will actually be recovered. In a worst case scenario, you might end up getting back only non-important files and not the ones you wanted the most.



Dealing with $300 Data Recovery’s Raid Data Recovery completely eliminates all of these risks. It has six full time professionals that will treat your hard drive with utmost security and confidentiality. The company is also the first and probably still the only one to not require any form of upfront payment. If your hard disk is checked and recovery is not possible, you won’t be required to pay anything. If you desire, you will also be furnished with a list of the current status of the lost files as well as the chances for recovery. This will allow you to determine if what you are going to get back is worth the fee. $300 Data Recovery’s Raid Data Recovery also has its own clean room for advanced cases.

Have Peace of Mind with $300 Data Recovery

lost computer data

Having lost files that you have tried to recover on your own but have failed is like getting caught between a rock and a hard place. The rock is the reality that you might end up paying thousands of dollars while the hard place is the possibility of not getting your files back. In the worst case scenario, you might even end up shelling out around a hundred bucks and still not get your files back. This can become a really big dilemma especially for people who are already tight on their spending.


$300 Data Recovery has Revolutionised Data Recovery


$300 Data Recovery intends to change the way the file retrieval business is done and make it more consumer friendly to promote peace of mind to customers through the following ways:

  • Removal of the diagnostic charge
  • A fixed rate for successful recoveries
  • Provision of a list of the status of each file before recovery is initiated


$300 dollar data recovery


The company is the first to offer free checking of hard drives. Customers can have their disk diagnosed without paying an upfront fee or down payment. If it is later determined that recovery of the files is not possible anymore probably due to the damage being too severe, the customer can leave without making any payment. A simple “thank you” is all the staff asks. If your drive still has some useful parts the company might even take it off your hands and pay you around $10 dollars depending on the size and remaining usable parts of the drive. This way, you at least get something from your visit.

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$300 Data Recovery Successfully Recovered 100% Data from Seagate Drive With Firmware Problems from $300 Data Recovery on Vimeo.


Fixed – Rate Data Recovery Services

It’s the test results reveal that all or at least most of the files can be restored, you will only be charged for $300 which is less than half the lowest rate of other service providers. The fee remains 300 bucks even if the use of a portable clean room is required to diagnose and repair your drive so do not worry. In no means will you be required to pay more than the fixed rate.

300 Dollar Data Recovery’s Raid Data Recovery Services

15 raid hard drive data recovered at 300 dollar adat recovery

300 Dollar Data Recovery just successfully recovered these 15 drive RAID for only $4,500 and transferred it to a Western Digital 8TB My Duo MyBook! (Photo taken by Brian Cometa)

Having at least one backup of your important files has been recommended for more than a decade now. Unfortunately, very few people bother usually because they believe that with the superior technology we have today, losing wanted files is very remote. This is, however, not really the case. There are still several reasons why a hard disk can become inaccessible. Having to many viruses and spyware in your system can cause it to go haywire. Frequent improper shutdowns can also cause damage to your hard drive to pile up. Then there is also the classic “I deleted my files by mistake”.


For Those Who Don’t Do Backups

If you are one of those who do not backup their files and it has come to a point where it is already too late to regret not doing so, there are still a few things that you can do. First of all, there is the traditional “troubleshoot any and every problem” approach. You can start by downloading and installing some file recovery software from the internet. There are a lot of them that you can get for free while there are also those that require payment. If you are lucky you might get the files you need back. Most of the time, however, you will end up not retrieving enough.


For Those Who Can Perform File Restoration on Their Own

If you cannot do the file restoration on your own, you can still seek the help of a data recovery service provider. Just make sure you have a few hundreds of dollars prepared. Sometimes, the cost might even reach to one or a couple of thousands. Just getting the hard drive checked is likely to cause you to shell out around a hundred bucks.


Seagate 4x1TB RAID 5 100 Recovered for 1200 at $300 Data Recovery from $300 Data Recovery on Vimeo.


For Those Looking for the Cheapest Service Provider

There is, however, a company that charges a single fixed rate or no rate at all. It is called the 300 Dollar Data Recovery’s Raid Data Recovery Services. It will check your disk for free. If it successfully recovers your files, you will be charged $300. If it fails to get them back, you won’t be charged at all. $300 is less than half the usual rate and not having to pay any upfront fees means the risk of wasting money is non-existent. 300 Dollar Data Recovery’s Raid Data Recovery Services has its own clean room so it can deal even with the most advanced and difficult cases.


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Ticket #542 – Western Digital WD800JD 3.5″ SATA Hard Drive

This drive came in yesterday with reports of a virus infection. Take a look at the drive below, notice anything else?

western digital broken sata data interface

The SATA data connector is completely broken!  Even if the drive is virus infected, the first step will be replacing the PCB. Luckily, we have 1000’s of donor drives in stock and had an identical donor PCB.

However, with modern hard drives, simply moving an identical PCB will not fix the drive.  Each modern PCB has unique information embedded in it which corresponds to the drive it’s connected to.  Swapping the PCB without moving this embedded information will get the patient drive spinning, but no data will be accessible (and the drive will be “clicking”).

In this case, we manually unsoldered and moved the embedded ROM chip, which contains the unique information for the drive. This allows the drive to spin up, and get Ready, and ID properly.

Since this drive was reported to have a virus infection, the next step is cloning the entire drive to another drive.  This completed without problem (no bad sectors). We then deactivated the MBR (the MBR tells the operating system that this disk is partitioned).  Since the OS doesn’t think it’s partitioned anymore, the drive will not mount, and therefore no viruses which may run upon mounting will become an issue.

We then scanned the drive using data recovery software and found all the missing files.  All files were moved to the client’s new transfer drive while simultaneously being virus scanned. All viruses were removed from our client’s files and the recovery finished — 100% successful! is now a place for Data Recovery, along with Mac Repair… started out as a Mac blog; sharing tricks, tips, and interesting Mac news. But over the years, data recovery has become a much bigger part of our daily lives. With the new $300 Data Recovery retail store front, and loads of bad hard drives coming in every week, we decided to widen the focus of this blog.

This new version of will be dedicated to Data Recovery, Mac, and Tech news, tips, and tricks. We’ll also be giving periodic customer updates on current data recovery tickets. Not only with this help inform our clients, but it will give potential clients an idea of how we work and what we can do. Find out more here.

There will be many more postings, but less wordy, less typing, more linking to other sites. The information is already out there, why not point to it instead of clutter up the internet? We will of course have plenty of custom content as well, so check back often 🙂

Thanks for reading!
$300 Data Recovery

Corewerkz - Data Recovery, Mac, Tech News, Tips, and Tricks

Ticket #518 – Western Digital WD2500BEVT-75ZCT2 2.5″ SATA Hard Drive

This “Western Digital WD2500BEVT-75ZCT2 2.5″ SATA Hard Drive” drive came to us from another data recovery shop in Kentucky. They found us on the Deepspar forum (Deepspar is the company that makes the best data recovery hard drive imager: DeepSpar Disk Imager) and decided to send it to us since they were unable to recover the data.

When we got the hard drive in, it did spun up, but didn’t get “Ready” and did not “ID” on the DeepSpar.  After connecting the hard drive to our PC3000, we determined that the drive had firmware corruption which prevented it from completing it’s start-up initialization.

We repaired the corrupt firmware using the PC3000.  This allowed the drive to “ID” and get “Ready.”  We then moved the drive to a DeepSpar Disk Imager, cloned 100% (all but 2 bad sectors), then gave our customer a 100% “clone” which will most likely be able to boot up the laptop the bad drive came from.  Another advantage of the clone is our customer will be able to do a complete software data recovery, if his client also needed “deleted” data recovered from the drive.

Drive was in and out of our shop in less than 24 hours!

Ticket #538 – Fujitsu MHT2040AH 2.5″ IDE ATA Hard Drive

Ticket #538 – Fujitsu MHT2040AH 2.5″ IDE ATA Hard Drive

Drive successfully recovered same day it was dropped off!

Drive arrived in “completely dead” condition. No noise, no spinning, nothing. We carefully removed and tested the hard drive’s PCB (circuit board). We discovered a bad fuse on the PCB and removed it.

Using an identical donor PCB, we moved a good fuse to the patient’s PCB. After checking the new fuse, we connected the drive to a DeepSpar Disk Imager and cloned 100% of the drive.

No further software scanning was necessary, as the clone we made mounted on a PC without issue (which means the partition was not damaged).  We backed up the data to one of our drives then to a new 500gb transfer drive for our customer.

All done and ready for pickup!

I’ve opened a 300 Dollar Data Recovery retail location.

Sorry there haven’t been any updates lately folks. In case you were wondering what I’ve been up to, all my time has been dedicated to 300 Dollar Data Recovery out here in Los Angeles. I actually don’t really fix Macs at all anymore (I have a Mac guy working for me now who handles all the repairs). Maybe I should turn this into a 300 Dollar Data Recovery blog, any thoughts? Would probably need a new name at least 🙂

Anyhow, check out my new 300 Dollar Data Recovery website — the most informative read is the data recovery myths section, it’s packed with useful information.

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