Hawk Wings’ Page o’ Apps!

Just wanna give a shout out to Hawk Wings, a website I just discovered today. This page is just filled with tons of free and cheap apps and scripts (or “plug-ins” as they call them) for the most commonly used Mac apps. I highly recommend checking it out to see what cool things your missing… for example, there’s DockStar, which allows you to “assign a separate notification badge to different mailboxes.”


iPhone Page 1 Update: iPhoneVideoRecorder: An In-Depth Look at My Jailbroken / Hacked iPhone

Well, it hasn’t even been a week since my first “In-Depth” iPhone post and I’ve already changed my page layouts a little. Most importantly, a new application on Page 1 has taken the place of ShowTime — iPhoneVideoRecorder (catchy name, right?).

New Page 1
(VideoRecorder replaced ShowTime)

ShowTime was the only video recorder for the iPhone. It records to a chunky .mov file and DOESN’T record sound. Enter: iPhoneVideoRecorder ($20 to remove 30 sec recording limit) by DreamCatcher.

Continue reading to watch videos taken with iPhoneVideoRecorder…
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An In-Depth Look at My Jailbroken / Hacked iPhone – Page 1: Frequently Used Apps

Although I often hear reports about how many people have Jailbroken their iPhones (meaning they “hacked” their iPhone so they can install 3rd party applications), I’ve yet to meet ANYONE else with a hacked one.

Anytime I use my phone in front of someone, they are immediately impressed and wowed by the amount and variety of applications, it’s custom look, and the enhanced functionality added to my iPhone (well… and the Otterbox, but I’ve covered that already).

Instead of breaking it down time-after-time, explaining what every application does, I’m using this forum to explore all details of my phone – page by page; app by app (except the pre-installed ones).

My iPhone came installed with firmware 1.1.3. I’ve jailbroken it a couple times, but the last time I used ZiPhone (I’ve also used iNdependence, iJailbreak, and jailbreakme.com). ZiPhone is especially nice because (if it works correctly) it installs a program called “installer.app” — the gateway to most iPhone applications.

I currently have 5 pages on my phone:

Page 1 : Frequently used apps
Page 2 : Less frequently used apps
Page 3 : Springdial phone numbers
Page 4 : System Tools / Tweaks
Page 5 : Games

Today I’ll be showing you Page 1 : Frequently Used Applications


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Fresh Apps :: The Freshest Mac OS X & iPhone Applications

Fresh Apps is a brief summary of the interesting applications I’ve discovered over the past week.

Mac Applications

Simplify Media :: Free
Share your iTunes library with up to 30 friends from anywhere in the world — connect to your friend’s iTunes libraries from within iTunes; works on Mac, PC, and iPhone!

Wallsaver :: Freeware
Set your screen saver as your desktop background; super easy to install/uninstall

Subliminal Message Pro :: Shareware ($10)
Flash custom messages on your screen with very short durations (i.e. 15ms); I keep it running at all times to help facilitate the “Law of Attraction”

TimeMachineEditor :: Freeware
Tell TimeMachine exactly when to run (i.e. once a week, every Friday, at midnight).

Chax :: Freeware
iChat plug-in includes many cool little features; my favorite: one buddy list for ALL contacts (.Mac + AIM + Jabber + etc)

iPhone Applications

Simplify Media :: Free
Connect to up to 30 friend’s iTunes libraries; includes the ability to shuffle; a little buggy, a little slow, only works with wifi connection, and completely awesome!

Twinkle :: Free (on installer.app)
Currently the best iPhone twitter app; geo-location stamping, take/attach pictures, see tweets near you (can’t even do that on twitter’s site!)

iBlacklist :: Shareware (on installer.app)
Block specified phone numbers from calling or texting; limit of 3 blocked numbers before purchasing; very clean interface

Showtime :: Donationware (on installer.app)
Record 5 seconds of video (unlimited length with $10 donation); still no audio yet but hopefully coming soon

Fresh Apps : Screen Recycler, Miro, Inquisitor, Docker, SpringDial, Poof

Fresh Apps is a brief summary of the top applications I’ve discovered over the past week.

March 2008, Week 3

Mac Applications

Miro :: Free & Open-Source
Stand alone application to search, watch, and download just about any video from the internet; including video podcasts, youtube, and google video.

Screen Recycler :: Shareware ($25)
Use spare networked computer monitors as additional “virtual” displays for your computer; integrates perfectly with Display system preferences to allow screen resolution adjustments, very low latency especially on ethernet connection, includes free VNC viewer.

Docker :: Donationware ($15 Suggested)
Quickly change all Dock related preferences; including changing icon sizes, toggling 2D/3D style dock, changing the “open application” indicator, changing position, toggling effects, and changing colors; Great for newbies.

Inquisitor :: Freeware
Enhances Safari’s google search field with auto-complete and website suggesting – didn’t think I’d like, but I love it! A must have if you use Safari.

iPhone Applications

SpringDial :: Freeware / installer.app
Native application which allows one-touch dialing from springboard (the home screen) to specific contacts; even displays picture of contact as icon.

Poof :: Freeware / installer.app
Native application to hide any icon from the springboard since Customize doesn’t do it with firmware 1.1.3.

What to do when an Application freezes in Mac OS X

poweroff.jpgMany of my clients tell me that when a program freezes they hold down the power button and shut down their computer. Even worse, one client told me she pulls the power cable out of the back of her computer (btw, NEVER DO THIS!).

If you don’t know what to do when an application freezes, you risk damaging your hard drive and potentially loosing ALL your data. Here are several things to try before force-shutting down:

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