Word of Caution: Customize 2.0b9 broke my iPhone

Update: I think the new firmware from pwnage was also causing problems… now i’m restoring again and going back to the ziphone jailbreak, which was very stable before customize 2 (below).

A word of caution to anyone else out there with the hacked iPhone:

Don’t disable SMBprefs from within Customize 2.0b9 (the newest version right now); it will cause your iPhone to boot to the Apple logo and vibrate.

This has happened to at least a few other people from what I’ve been reading on various forums around the net. I could still afp into my iPhone and ssh in, but couldn’t fix whatever the problem was.

Of course, it’s always possible to get back to the default iPhone software, so now I’ve re-jailbroken using the new Pwnage method, which is pretty cool. I’ve re-installed Customize 2 (without ever installing SMB) and it seems to be working fine. The new themes and interface are AWESOME!

Here’s my new theme, although it’s bound to change in a day or so:


BTW… I recommend updating Installer.app if you haven’t already, they’ve finally added the ability to search for applications, which is crucial now that there are probably over 1000.

Fresh Apps #5 :: The Freshest Mac OS X & iPhone Applications

Fresh Apps is a brief summary of the interesting applications I’ve discovered over the past week.

Mac Applications

BootXChanger :: Freeware
Change your Mac’s boot image from the Apple logo to your own custom graphic

SoundConverter :: Shareware ($14 to remove 500kb file size restriction)
A great bulk sound file converter with support for dozens of formats — the only other app like this I know is Barbabatch for $400

NewsFire :: Freeware
After about a year of frustration using RSSMenu, I finally made the move to the RSS reader I hear about most — NewsFire — and I love it. Beautiful interface, intuitive shortcut keys, super easy setup and tweaking

iPhone Applications

iPhoneVideoRecorder :: Shareware ($20 to remove 30 sec recording limit)
Records an unlimited length including audio (plus, you can adjust input level), records to super small mpeg4 format (1 hour = 60MB!), 15 FPS, different video sizes & audio recording settings to choose from, and send your movies via e-mail to anyone! Read my full review

• Flashlight :: Free (on installer.app)
A flashlight. Drag finger across screen to adjust brightness, double click to exit – simple & effective

• iLevel :: Free (on installer.app)
I needed a level when working on my motorcycle yesterday, it was quicker to download this than run up to my apartment — this thing is great, but I think there is a better one I used to have, anyone know the name?

iFob :: Free (on installer.app)
Meet other iFob users near your current location, chat, read profiles, meet new people – I’ve yet to run into anyone else using it (it seems people must be within a few feet of you to show up), but I’ll keep trying

TuneWiki :: Free (on installer.app)
Downloads and displays lyrics to songs in real time (think: karaoke); includes shuffle mode and nice layout (with cover art and permanent track progress bar and playback buttons) similar to the iPod application; would be nice if you could view lyrics of currently playing iPod song – instead of having to play in TuneWiki

iPac3D :: Free (on installer.app)
A 3D version of PacMac mixed with Doom bad guys; still beta and pretty basic; coolest part is using the accelerometer (by physically rotating and moving around your iphone) to move back, forward, left, and right – can’t wait for a racing car game that uses the accelerometer for steering!!

An In-Depth Look at My Jailbroken / Hacked iPhone – Page 1: Frequently Used Apps

Although I often hear reports about how many people have Jailbroken their iPhones (meaning they “hacked” their iPhone so they can install 3rd party applications), I’ve yet to meet ANYONE else with a hacked one.

Anytime I use my phone in front of someone, they are immediately impressed and wowed by the amount and variety of applications, it’s custom look, and the enhanced functionality added to my iPhone (well… and the Otterbox, but I’ve covered that already).

Instead of breaking it down time-after-time, explaining what every application does, I’m using this forum to explore all details of my phone – page by page; app by app (except the pre-installed ones).

My iPhone came installed with firmware 1.1.3. I’ve jailbroken it a couple times, but the last time I used ZiPhone (I’ve also used iNdependence, iJailbreak, and jailbreakme.com). ZiPhone is especially nice because (if it works correctly) it installs a program called “installer.app” — the gateway to most iPhone applications.

I currently have 5 pages on my phone:

Page 1 : Frequently used apps
Page 2 : Less frequently used apps
Page 3 : Springdial phone numbers
Page 4 : System Tools / Tweaks
Page 5 : Games

Today I’ll be showing you Page 1 : Frequently Used Applications


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Fresh Apps :: The Freshest Mac OS X & iPhone Applications

Fresh Apps is a brief summary of the interesting applications I’ve discovered over the past week.

Mac Applications

Simplify Media :: Free
Share your iTunes library with up to 30 friends from anywhere in the world — connect to your friend’s iTunes libraries from within iTunes; works on Mac, PC, and iPhone!

Wallsaver :: Freeware
Set your screen saver as your desktop background; super easy to install/uninstall

Subliminal Message Pro :: Shareware ($10)
Flash custom messages on your screen with very short durations (i.e. 15ms); I keep it running at all times to help facilitate the “Law of Attraction”

TimeMachineEditor :: Freeware
Tell TimeMachine exactly when to run (i.e. once a week, every Friday, at midnight).

Chax :: Freeware
iChat plug-in includes many cool little features; my favorite: one buddy list for ALL contacts (.Mac + AIM + Jabber + etc)

iPhone Applications

Simplify Media :: Free
Connect to up to 30 friend’s iTunes libraries; includes the ability to shuffle; a little buggy, a little slow, only works with wifi connection, and completely awesome!

Twinkle :: Free (on installer.app)
Currently the best iPhone twitter app; geo-location stamping, take/attach pictures, see tweets near you (can’t even do that on twitter’s site!)

iBlacklist :: Shareware (on installer.app)
Block specified phone numbers from calling or texting; limit of 3 blocked numbers before purchasing; very clean interface

Showtime :: Donationware (on installer.app)
Record 5 seconds of video (unlimited length with $10 donation); still no audio yet but hopefully coming soon

Fresh Apps :: iPhone / Mac OS X :: March 2008, Week 4

Fresh Apps is a brief summary of the top applications I’ve discovered over the past week.

March 2008, Week 4

Mac Applications

Amazon S3 with Jungle Disk :: Amazon (Pay Per Use)/Jungle Disk ($20)
Super cheap on-line storage + automatic scheduled backups

Mojo :: Free
Instantly share your iTunes library to anyone in the world (and listen to anyone else’s library AND download any of their songs)

Dock Dodger :: Free
Hide applications from the Dock and Alt-Tab application switcher (great for programs that just run in the background like iPhone Remote)

Sole Possession :: $15 (or $45 for unlocked FileMaker file)
A home/small business inventory tracker based on FileMaker; I contacted the author and bought the unlocked FileMaker database for $45 so I could customize to fit my business needs

BookIt :: Donationware ($12 requested)
Easily sync all your web browser bookmarks (i.e. Safari to Firefox), restore old bookmarks, replace bookmarks from one browser to another

SurveillanceSaver :: Free :: Read Corewerkz Review
Alpha stage screensaver with 400+ live video free from around the world

Tor :: Free :: Read Corewerkz Review
Browse the Internet completely anonymously with this stand-alone app and Firefox plug-in; great for hackers and paranoid people

iPhone Applications

PocketTouch :: Free (on installer.app)
Control your iPhone’s iPod with swipes instead of pressing buttons, great for using iPod when driving

NES :: Free (on installer.app)
NES emulator; took a while to fix the permissions (use MobileFinder on iphone) and find ROMS, but now all good

MacTracker :: Free Webapp
Although I almost exclusively use Native Apps on my iPhone, this MacTracker is great when I don’t have the real thing handy on my Powerbook.

Capture :: Free (on installer.app)
When active, creates floating “take screenshot” button over all other applications

Customize Fix for Firmware 1.1.3 :: Free (on installer.app)
Customize allows you to customize your iPhone with different images and sounds, it doesn’t work on 1.1.3 (or 1.1.4) without this fix. Add “http://www.touchrepo.com/repo.xml” to your installer.app

Fresh Apps : Screen Recycler, Miro, Inquisitor, Docker, SpringDial, Poof

Fresh Apps is a brief summary of the top applications I’ve discovered over the past week.

March 2008, Week 3

Mac Applications

Miro :: Free & Open-Source
Stand alone application to search, watch, and download just about any video from the internet; including video podcasts, youtube, and google video.

Screen Recycler :: Shareware ($25)
Use spare networked computer monitors as additional “virtual” displays for your computer; integrates perfectly with Display system preferences to allow screen resolution adjustments, very low latency especially on ethernet connection, includes free VNC viewer.

Docker :: Donationware ($15 Suggested)
Quickly change all Dock related preferences; including changing icon sizes, toggling 2D/3D style dock, changing the “open application” indicator, changing position, toggling effects, and changing colors; Great for newbies.

Inquisitor :: Freeware
Enhances Safari’s google search field with auto-complete and website suggesting – didn’t think I’d like, but I love it! A must have if you use Safari.

iPhone Applications

SpringDial :: Freeware / installer.app
Native application which allows one-touch dialing from springboard (the home screen) to specific contacts; even displays picture of contact as icon.

Poof :: Freeware / installer.app
Native application to hide any icon from the springboard since Customize doesn’t do it with firmware 1.1.3.

Tips for the Otterbox iPhone Defender Series Case & Belt clip

The Otterbox for iPhone Defender Series is IMHO the best iphone case around. If you haven’t heard about it, you can find info at otterbox.com. I want to share a few things I’ve learned over the past month of intense Otterbox usage which make my Otterbox experience even more pleasant.

One major complaint about the Otterbox is the belt clip – once you get the phone in the clip, it’s tough to take it out. I used to think that I needed both hands to “rock” the phone out of the clip (video below).

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