Use Text-To-Speech (“Start Speaking Text”) in Firefox

A few days ago I made my yearly move from Safari to Firefox. It starts up quicker for me than Safari and web pages load 2-3x faster.

However, I was stumped today when I wanted my Mac to read me a Flash 101 tutorial. I went to Firefox -> Services -> Speech, but “Start Speaking Text” was grayed out.

text to speech in firefox.jpg

After a quick Google search I found a simple 2-step solution (thanks to aynmensch @ mozillazine): setup a shortcut key for “reading selected text” which can be evoked within Firefox.
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15 Features 1Password Adds to Your Web Browser

Picture 2.jpgWith the recent $5 increase in the price of 1Password, many people are wondering if it’s worth the cost. To help you decide, consider the following features 1Password provides that you don’t get with Safari, Firefox, Opera, or any other browser:

Fill/save multiple identities – Good for forum/online store/blog registrations; keep fake/real identities and different e-mail addresses

Save credit card information – Including multiple credit card numbers, checking accounts, payment methods, and shipping addresses

iPhone/Palm password syncing (and a slick autofill feature for the iPhone, not sure about Palm)

Create auto-login bookmarks and aliases (read corewerkz article)

View password histories – See all usernames/passwords you’ve ever saved – Good for forgotten/mistyped passwords

Decide on a per-webpage-basis when to autosave and autofill user’s information

Multiple user accounts per website – Good, for example, if you have multiple G-Mail accounts

Online syncing with “my1password” servers – Access your passwords from any web browser anywhere

Export usernames/passwords – As a web page or text file; easily print all passwords for hardcopy backup

Anti-Phishing protection – Using the OpenDNS PhishTank anti-phishing service

All password information and identities available within all web browsers – Crucial if you use multiple web browsers

Better, more sophisticated, form filling and password saving – For example, Safari won’t store password information on certain sites (like some online banking websites)

Import password data from other web browsers (and keychain) into 1password – Create a master list of all your saved passwords

Easily create super-strong password from within web browser – Using 1Password’s “Strong Password Generator” which now includes the ability to generate pronounceable and hash-based passwords

User adjustable “lock after X minutes of inactivity” – Or choose to keep unlocked after first 1Password login

Fresh Apps :: iPhone / Mac OS X :: March 2008, Week 4

Fresh Apps is a brief summary of the top applications I’ve discovered over the past week.

March 2008, Week 4

Mac Applications

Amazon S3 with Jungle Disk :: Amazon (Pay Per Use)/Jungle Disk ($20)
Super cheap on-line storage + automatic scheduled backups

Mojo :: Free
Instantly share your iTunes library to anyone in the world (and listen to anyone else’s library AND download any of their songs)

Dock Dodger :: Free
Hide applications from the Dock and Alt-Tab application switcher (great for programs that just run in the background like iPhone Remote)

Sole Possession :: $15 (or $45 for unlocked FileMaker file)
A home/small business inventory tracker based on FileMaker; I contacted the author and bought the unlocked FileMaker database for $45 so I could customize to fit my business needs

BookIt :: Donationware ($12 requested)
Easily sync all your web browser bookmarks (i.e. Safari to Firefox), restore old bookmarks, replace bookmarks from one browser to another

SurveillanceSaver :: Free :: Read Corewerkz Review
Alpha stage screensaver with 400+ live video free from around the world

Tor :: Free :: Read Corewerkz Review
Browse the Internet completely anonymously with this stand-alone app and Firefox plug-in; great for hackers and paranoid people

iPhone Applications

PocketTouch :: Free (on
Control your iPhone’s iPod with swipes instead of pressing buttons, great for using iPod when driving

NES :: Free (on
NES emulator; took a while to fix the permissions (use MobileFinder on iphone) and find ROMS, but now all good

MacTracker :: Free Webapp
Although I almost exclusively use Native Apps on my iPhone, this MacTracker is great when I don’t have the real thing handy on my Powerbook.

Capture :: Free (on
When active, creates floating “take screenshot” button over all other applications

Customize Fix for Firmware 1.1.3 :: Free (on
Customize allows you to customize your iPhone with different images and sounds, it doesn’t work on 1.1.3 (or 1.1.4) without this fix. Add “” to your

Tor: Super Anonymous Web Browsing for Firefox (Easy!)

Picture 22.jpg

Paranoid? Try Tor (free!), it bounces all your Internet activity around a network of thousands of other servers/proxies (people like you), making it impossible to track your location or activity.

Tor works on Tiger and Leopard, but it’s best if you’re using Firefox (because Tor includes a one-click enabler plug-in for Firefox). Tor installation is a breeze as the installer package actually installs and configures four smaller programs:

1) Vidalia – GUI for Tor
2) Tor – a system for using the Internet anonymously
3) Privoxy – a filtering web proxy that integrates well with Tor
4) Torbutton – a 1-click way for Firefox users to enable or disable the browser’s use of Tor

I tried both the Stable and Unstable Mac versions and they both installed correctly. According to the instructions, I should have been good to go (except they forget to tell you to “Open Vidalia”). I opened Vidalia, opened Firefox, enabled Tor within Firefox, and I was anonymous.

Picture 18.jpg
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Torrents: A Complete Mac Tutorial (featuring Transmission)


Want to download free music albums, DVDs, and computer software on your Mac? Already using something like Limewire with ads/nags, slow download speeds, and lots of fake files? Torrents are the solution you’ve been waiting for!



The problem is many people are quickly confused when confronting torrents. Follow this guide to learn everything you need in order to make your Mac torrent experience as easy and automated as possible.
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Newbie Tip: Installing an application (i.e. Firefox) from a disk image


One of the most common Mac newbie mistakes is running an application from within a disk image. For some reason, this is most often the case with Firefox.

You can think of a disk image like a box used to physically deliver your application; you need to receive the box (download), open the box (double-click disk image), and move the contents out of the box and into your home (drag application icon into your applications folder).

Typically, when you download an application from the internet, it comes “wrapped” in a disk image. If you’re coming from PC land, a disk image is similar to a Zip file, in that both disk images and zip files contain several files within them.

Let’s use Firefox as an example of the correct way to install an application from a disk image. Go to the Firefox download page and click “Download Firefox” – you will see that the file you are downloading has a “.dmg” extension. This is the “disk image” extension.

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