“Unblock” Blocked Called ID On Your iPhone For Free

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There a new free service in town from the gang that brought us Spoofcard, it’s called Trapcall.

Trapcall comes in three flavors; Fly Trap (two features), Mouse Trap (more features), Bear Trap (all eight features). The most basic plan, Fly Trap, unblocks restricted phone numbers and provides a blacklist for unwanted callers — for free.

For $10-$25/month, you can add on more services like “Voicemail transcription” by a live operator and caller ID name and billing address retrieval. Click here to see all the plans and features available.

The setup/sign-up process takes only 3-4 minutes. To setup on your iPhone you just enter a series of keypad clicks into your phone and press “Call” — it’s super easy.

To use it: reject an incoming blocked call, wait 1-2 seconds while the call is routed through Trapcall and back to your cell, phone will re-ring with caller ID.

Use Airport’s “Create Network” to Access iPhone When no Wifi Available

Have you ever needed to connect to your iPhone when you don’t have a wireless network available?

Probably not, but I had to a few weeks ago, here’s why:

While on vacation I took a video using Cycorder on my iPhone. I needed to move the video to my MacBook to edit and upload it to the web. Unfortunately, the only way to get a video off the iPhone (that was taken with Cycorder) is to wirelessly connect to the iPhone and copy the video (I avoid the Terminal and just use Transmit to connect via ssh).

The problem was that even though I paid $15 for internet access at my hotel, it would only work for one device at a time (either the iPhone or the MacBook). Rather than spending another $15 to connect my MacBook and iPhone to the same network so I could copy the video, I set out to find a better (read: free) solution.

The easy 3-step solution I discovered was right under my nose:
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iPhone Bug: Easily Bypass “Passcode Lock” Screen + Temporary Fix

MacDailyNews reported today that the iPhone Passcode Lock screen on the iPhone can be easily bypassed, allowing access to your Contacts, E-mail, Texts, etc. The problem is only introduced if you have the Home Button Double-Click setting set to Favorites (Settings > General > Home Button). So if you use the Passcode Lock (below, left) and you have the Home button set to Favorites, change it to iPod or Home (below, right) until Apple releases a fix.

1041149F-F699-4C50-8C9F-5C919D48C1C0.jpg photo.jpg

Guy Kawasaki’s Guide to Better iPhone Battery Life

Learn some tips to increase battery life on your iPhone at http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2008/08/the-art-of-ipho.html. Nothing super secretive here, but great knowledge for new iPhone users.

The only thing I’d add to his guide is using BossPrefs (for jailbroken iPhones) to quickly enable and disable things like Edge, Wifi, and Bluetooth, rather than navigating through the menus. I should also note that “Airplane Mode” can make your iPhone last a few days on a full charge, if you just want to use the iPod.


Fresh Apps #6 :: The Freshest Mac OS X & iPhone Applications

Fresh Apps is a brief summary of the most interesting applications I’ve recently discovered

Mac Applications

Jott (free)
Call 866-JOTT-123, speak a message to yourself or friend; message is converted into text and e-mailed, texted, set as a reminder with alarm, or added to a list, and updated on your Jott site including original audio — WOW!

Stumbi (shareware: $2)
Finally a StumbleUpon plug-in for Safari; rate pages, add new sites to StumbleUpon, and of course, Stumble!

Yasu (donationware)
“Yet Another System Utility” with just one screen containing the most crucial maintenance commands

Switch (free)
A free audio format converter; supports a bunch of file types

ScreenFlow (shareware; exported movie is watermarked: $100)
The best Mac screen recorder ever; includes editor with amazing features, at a price

iPhone Applications

IntelliScreen (free/beta)
Fill your “slide to unlock” screen with great info including latest news (choose any rss feed), new mail, sms, ical events, weather, and sports — super useful application — really smart and well thought out!!

PhoneZap (free)
Create ringtones from any mp3 on your phone; choose start time and duration (up to 30 sec), automatically added to ringtones list after creation

Spoofapp (free app, 5 free minutes, $10 for 60 minutes)
Change the number your calling from (on the recipient’s caller ID), disguise voice as male or female (both kinda sound like computers), record phone calls

TimeCapsule (shareware, one backup per app before buying)
Backup the data on many iphone applications; Address Book (which saved one of my clients who lost their Address Book on Mac), notes, preferences, sms, springboard preferences, weather, and many more

• RagingThunder (free)
Awesome car racing game; control car by moving iPhone; takes a while to get good, but really cool use of the accelerometer

Band (free/beta)
Music creation tool including dozens of sound sets; was cool but just froze my iphone while writing this

iPhone: Faster Method for Moving Icons Across Multiple Screens

Sick of only being able to move iPhone icons one screen at a time? Wish you could move an icon from the first page to the last page of your iPhone without having to stop on every page? This may be common knowledge, may not be — personally, I was very excited when I discovered this for myself.

As the video below demonstrates: once you move an icon to the edge of the screen and then back off the edge for a second, you will then be able to advance to the next screen:

New & Improved: iPhone Speaker Noise SOLUTION

Long time readers may remember my second post on corewerkz: How to prevent iPhone audio interference in speakers. Basically, I used aluminum foil to block the GSM cell-phone signals from getting into my car speakers (or computer speakers).

Although this solution kept the noise out of the speakers, and didn’t seem to effect cell signal, it did have an impact on bluetooth reception. I was getting lots of static when the iPhone was more than about 12″ from my bluetooth headset (both Plantronics and Jawbone). Needless to say, using bluetooth on a daily basis became a hassle.

I have found a new and improved technique that will keep bluetooth static to a minimum and the noise out of your speakers; instead of aluminum foil, use the foil-paper that you find in a pack of cigarettes. For whatever reason, it seems to block the exact right amount of GSM and keep bluetooth interference to a minimum. In fact, it may even block the speaker interference better – I haven’t heard a peep since the foil-paper.

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A Quick Look at Evernote: The Searchable Online File Cabinet

Picture 9.jpgI recently learned about Evernote after seeing it on GeekBrief.tv. It’s currently invite only, but I received one a few days after requesting (I also have some available, leave a comment if you want one). Evernote works with any web browser and includes a stand-alone applications for Mac and PC. But what does it do?

“Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at anytime, from anywhere.”

I think of Evernote as an offline and online searchable file cabinet. You can store “clips” from web sites, text notes, pdfs, images, and even audio. If you’re using the standalone application, the data is the synced to the Evernote server, making it available from any computer.

Here’s the cool part. A few moments after data has been synced to the Evernote server, it’s searchable (not audio files). For example…
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Word of Caution: Customize 2.0b9 broke my iPhone

Update: I think the new firmware from pwnage was also causing problems… now i’m restoring again and going back to the ziphone jailbreak, which was very stable before customize 2 (below).

A word of caution to anyone else out there with the hacked iPhone:

Don’t disable SMBprefs from within Customize 2.0b9 (the newest version right now); it will cause your iPhone to boot to the Apple logo and vibrate.

This has happened to at least a few other people from what I’ve been reading on various forums around the net. I could still afp into my iPhone and ssh in, but couldn’t fix whatever the problem was.

Of course, it’s always possible to get back to the default iPhone software, so now I’ve re-jailbroken using the new Pwnage method, which is pretty cool. I’ve re-installed Customize 2 (without ever installing SMB) and it seems to be working fine. The new themes and interface are AWESOME!

Here’s my new theme, although it’s bound to change in a day or so:


BTW… I recommend updating Installer.app if you haven’t already, they’ve finally added the ability to search for applications, which is crucial now that there are probably over 1000.

Fresh Apps #5 :: The Freshest Mac OS X & iPhone Applications

Fresh Apps is a brief summary of the interesting applications I’ve discovered over the past week.

Mac Applications

BootXChanger :: Freeware
Change your Mac’s boot image from the Apple logo to your own custom graphic

SoundConverter :: Shareware ($14 to remove 500kb file size restriction)
A great bulk sound file converter with support for dozens of formats — the only other app like this I know is Barbabatch for $400

NewsFire :: Freeware
After about a year of frustration using RSSMenu, I finally made the move to the RSS reader I hear about most — NewsFire — and I love it. Beautiful interface, intuitive shortcut keys, super easy setup and tweaking

iPhone Applications

iPhoneVideoRecorder :: Shareware ($20 to remove 30 sec recording limit)
Records an unlimited length including audio (plus, you can adjust input level), records to super small mpeg4 format (1 hour = 60MB!), 15 FPS, different video sizes & audio recording settings to choose from, and send your movies via e-mail to anyone! Read my full review

• Flashlight :: Free (on installer.app)
A flashlight. Drag finger across screen to adjust brightness, double click to exit – simple & effective

• iLevel :: Free (on installer.app)
I needed a level when working on my motorcycle yesterday, it was quicker to download this than run up to my apartment — this thing is great, but I think there is a better one I used to have, anyone know the name?

iFob :: Free (on installer.app)
Meet other iFob users near your current location, chat, read profiles, meet new people – I’ve yet to run into anyone else using it (it seems people must be within a few feet of you to show up), but I’ll keep trying

TuneWiki :: Free (on installer.app)
Downloads and displays lyrics to songs in real time (think: karaoke); includes shuffle mode and nice layout (with cover art and permanent track progress bar and playback buttons) similar to the iPod application; would be nice if you could view lyrics of currently playing iPod song – instead of having to play in TuneWiki

iPac3D :: Free (on installer.app)
A 3D version of PacMac mixed with Doom bad guys; still beta and pretty basic; coolest part is using the accelerometer (by physically rotating and moving around your iphone) to move back, forward, left, and right – can’t wait for a racing car game that uses the accelerometer for steering!!

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