Transmission Port Forwarding Setup

– Open Transmission from your Applications folder.
– Open Preferences (Command+Comma)
– Click the “Network” tab
– Enter “59152” in the box after “Peer listening port”
– Check “Automatically map port”

Check the port status light:


If the light is green, breathe a sigh of relief and continue to Transmission Tweaks.



If the light is red then you’ve got a bit more work then the rest of us. If you follow the following steps correctly, this will be a one time thing. Click here to go to static-ip setup (if you already have a static-ip address — you’d probably know if you had one, click here).

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4 thoughts on “4) Torrent Port Setup

  1. I initially had a RED LIGHT (Port is closed) and was slogging through the stqtic-ip setup when I happened upon a bit of information that turned out to be very helpful. If you first have Airport configured to “ENABLE PORT MAPPING PROTOCOL” when you start working with the Transmission Network tab you will get a GREEN LIGHT from the get-go.

  2. Using mac 10.5.6 here.
    I went to AirPort Utility but i kept resacaning but couldn’t find and wireless.
    U am using Dlink DIR-655 help?

  3. Yes, Airport Utility is for Airport devices (i.e. Airport Extreme). You need to read your router manual to find out where the setup page is (something like

  4. I’ve been using transmission for a while dowbloaded some movies some music, but now I found this article of you and now I really want to portforward. Well here is the problem im 16 living wit my parents and they are against torrenting (since they heard it on the news, worst thing is they don’t even know what it is exactelly) and i want to open a port. Can i do this without them having troubles with their carefully set up network (wireless-airport) or damging it and also not noticing it. I have my one macbook and i wanna do this but is it safe…

    sry for bad english im from holland you see


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